Change your story,
change your life

Earth Stories brings you back into contact with your ‘book of life’.

Together we create a new chapter that aligns your compass with your life story.

We all walk our own unique path in life. If this path is clear and smooth, we can live our passion without too many obstacles and we know what we get up for every morning.

But the path is not always clear, sometimes we get lost along the way and our compass gets off course. It becomes more difficult to reach our inner power and our passion.

Earth Stories helps you rekindle your fire so that life starts flowing again. Together we bring back what you thought you had lost but was never actually gone.

A reading, healing story or a handmade power object reminds you of the talents you were born with and relights your inner power and passion. Life becomes light again.




"As a little girl I imagined
I was a Native American, I loved to sing and wanted to discover the world."