Energy Reading

The word reading literally means ‘reading information’. During an energy reading I make contact with the energy field that is in and around you and is also known as the aura. This field is unique and constantly changing, it tells your story of life, your Earth Story.

During the reading I receive or download the information from this field and translate it to the PRESENT. You receive clarity about your question, together we take a look at how this affects your life and what is needed to make a change. Your life becomes light again…

Theme examples

Below you will find some examples for which you can request an Energy Reading, but the list is endless and often a combination of several themes. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


If you have never experienced a reading or are just curious. You will receive clear information about how you live your life in the PRESENT.

Medicine wheel/power animal

What do the four directions and elements have to tell you, where are you at the moment on the medicine wheel and which power animal is currently with you?


Who are you in relation to someone else? This could be a friend, parent, child, partner, sibling, colleague, neighbour, etc. Or your place within the family in which you were born. Why are you together and what can you learn from each other?

Past lives

Sometimes you have a vague memory of places, people or situations, or a sense that you are working something out that feels old. In the reading we look at its origins and why you are still working on it.


Where do you live, do you really feel at home in your home or is there something about the house or a room that makes you feel uncomfortable? We look at the energy of the house and the influence it has on you.

Inner child

Sometimes you are aware of an unprocessed sadness or anger from your childhood and you experience it again and again in different ways. What does the child in you need to be able to move on?


What talents were you born with and what would you like to achieve with them? We look at where your strength lies, what warms your heart and what gets in the way of this flow of life. 

Children with a label

Especially for parents of children with, for example, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, ADHD, PDD-NOS, ADD and other labels. During the reading, the interaction between parent(s) and child is examined and what can be learned from each other.

Dream interpretation

Do you have certain dreams that keep coming back, or do you want to know what they have to do with your daily life? We look at how the dream affects you and how to understand the symbolic meaning of it.

Insight and deepening

During a reading you receive a lot of information and it takes time for it to integrate in your energy field and physical body. Healing takes place on those parts of you that need it, on a conscious and unconscious level. Sometimes it takes a while for the information to actually sink in, this is normal and part of the process. Just give it some time.

An energy reading touches something inside of you, together we find out what that is and then you decide the next step. I only walk with you in this, give you advice, tips and loving support until you can confidently move on.

A single reading is very often sufficient to gain insight and clarity, but sometimes more is needed. During a follow-up session we go into more detail to get even clearer about what is needed and how this will help you live your Earth Story more from your heart and passion.

Would you like to receive an Energy Reading?

Please let me know and we can plan a date and time for a zoom meeting or video call.

Energy Reading
Investment: 111 euros
Follow-up session: 88 euros

TIP: You can also give an Energy Reading as a gift!!!