Sacred Earth

The Earth is my home, my shelter and my dome
My love for her goes beyond words
It is a feeling deep inside my soul
With every step in life I take she is there
Supporting me just by being
A soft breeze through my hair
Reminding me she loves me, a magical feeling
I belong to something so much larger than just me
There is no other place that I would rather be
She has it all and shares with us her treasures
The soil, the air, the plants and the trees,
The oceans, rivers and the tiny seeds
She gives life and hope for a brighter tomorrow
She is ancient and new all at the same time
Her story is my story, we are connected through love
A feeling of devotion for her sacred land
As I ask her what I can do to lend a helping hand
Restoring what was lost and help build a New Earth
This is my mission, my path and my joy!

I am moved every time I think of Mother Earth and I so much alive being in service of her evolution. I do this by working with her energy at various sacred sites around the world.

Ancient sacred sites are connected worldwide, there is a different kind of energy and people are attracted to these almost magical places. Our DNA recognizes these places, we are inextricably linked to the Earth. Often leylines also run through or cross each other at these sacred sites, and sometimes there are also energy portals or vortexes.

Each sacred site has its own energy in service of the evolution of nature and humanity. The veils in these places between the visible and invisible world are so much denser, allowing spontaneous healing or contact with other dimensions to take place.

In the course of history, these sacred sites have been used for ceremonies, temples, religions, etc. This has contributed to the fact that the original energy has been disrupted at some sacred sites.

Together with a group of energy/lightworkers I travel to sacred sites to clear disturbances and to let the original sacred energy flow again. We also work with like-minded people worldwide to open new portals for ‘The New Earth Grid’.

We travel both physically and online. If you want to know more about this, check out our Facebook page New Portals Activation Community or contact Anne Asbreuk via