Earth Stories

We all walk our own path in life at our own pace with all the ups and downs included. We know times of prosperity, happiness and fulfillment. And times when we get lost or stuck on something. During these more difficult times it’s comforting to receive help, someone who listens and walks with you for a while, giving you possibilities and showing you other ways to get to where you want to go.

With love and passion I offer my services to you on your path of life, until you know your own way again with confidence. I combine spirituality, creativity and coaching, in which clairvoyance, clairsentience and clair cognizance play a major part. These translate through my voice, pen and creative design.

Together with the visible and invisible world, I help you realign your compass with your book of life, your Earth Story.


Energy Reading is reading the information of your energy field, it touches and connects with your soul. You will receive advice, tips and loving support on your path so that you can move ahead with confidence.

Story Book is a healing (medicine) story on a chapter in your life. The story works towards the best possible outcome of the process you are in. This makes the path clear for a new chapter.

Creative Empowerment is a handcrafted power item that is made specifically for you. It helps you remember your inner passion and fire, your talents and your natural flow of life.

My services are linked to:

Awareness of patterns and beliefs that hinder you from living fully from love, ease and joy.

Acceptance of the insights gained. This is how you have always done things, you recognize that it was necessary to experience this and you can accept it now. This will stop the repetition loop of what you no longer want.

Forgiveness of people or situations, so that there is room to do things differently from now on. This includes forgiving yourself for what you may or may not have done, or what you have allowed.

Creation of a new chapter. (Re)discovering your innate talents and expressing them in a way that fits your life story.