Story Book

A Story Book is a healing (medicine) story on a chapter in your life. A chapter that you may have questions about, get stuck on or are just curious in what it means. In the story I work towards the best possible outcome of the process you are going through. 

The energy of the story softly finds its way into your cell memory, causing old patterns and beliefs to come to the surface to be acknowledged and released. This process makes room for a new chapter in your book of life.

Every Story Book is unique

We all have our own unique way of absorbing information, someone can be more visual while the other feels more or absorbs more when hearing certain tones, sounds or words.

It can be a great support to have your Story Book physically with you so you can read it every now and then. You then have something tangible the moment you are going through a process on your way to the new unknown. But sometimes listening to your healing story is the change which is needed to turn the page. With this in mind, you will receive both a physical Story Book and a listening version.

Each Story Book is unique and aligned with your energy field. I will work with your question and start writing. While writing I receive information from your energy field, symbols, messages from my and/or your spiritual helpers, ancestors, nature, etc. All this is translated into a clear and healing story. Nothing is fixed and it always remains a surprise what your story has to tell you.

How is your Story Book created:

– I will contact you beforehand about your question. During the interview I take notes and ask a few questions. Possible themes can be found here: Energy Reading

– After this I start writing and two weeks later your story book is ready.

– I will send it to you by post, including an explanation on the story, tips and advice.

– You will receive the listening version via email or WhatsApp.

– You will also receive a matching stone or crystal to support your process.

Story Book
Investment: 222 euros

TIP: You can also give a Story Book as a gift!!!