Amanda's Story

My name is Amanda Struijck-Westlake and I was born in England in 1964. I remember I was always outside in the garden, looking for bugs under the stones and talking to animals. As a little girl I imagined I was a Native American, I loved to sing and wanted to discover the world.

When I was 5 years old our family emigrated to the Netherlands and I grew up in Apeldoorn. We still went to England every year for a month on holiday. After visiting family we usually went to special places and years later I realized that these were sacred sites. 

During my life in the Netherlands I wanted to fit in and I went out of my way to achieve this. When I think back I can now say I could see, feel and know things very clearly. As I grew older I learned to recognize what others needed so well that I no longer knew what I needed myself.

This was okay for many years until I had children of my own and discovered that I actually didn’t know myself at all. I was missing something essential and that made me sad and angry. It felt empty and full at the same time and I was depressed and went through two burn-outs and a lot of physical issues. I wanted to go back to England to start over because I didn’t feel connected to life anymore, I couldn’t feel my roots. I wanted to get to know myself deeply again. This question became my primary focus on my Earth Story.

I followed many courses and training in the field of spirituality, mindfulness and meditation, chakra teachings, intuitive massage and reading/healing. At this time I also rediscovered my past lives in Shamanic work and my connection with other dimensions. 

During my quest of reclaiming my roots and my life on Earth I met some special women which I now travel with to sacred sites to support Mother Earth in her and our evolution. I learned that working with other women awakens something primal in me and together we can achieve so much more. Later all the things I wanted to learn turned out to be my passion, my joy and inner power. 

Nature is also my great love, the peace to just ‘be’ and learn to understand her language. Everything in nature speaks to me and inspires me so much.

My quest became a journey of discovery that I will never forget and I still learn new things every day. I am becoming more balanced and I am learning to love myself more and more. I can now experience peace in my body and mind, which allows me to live more from my heart. I always have the choice to do or not do something and that feels good.

My compass is realigned with my Earth Story and from this firm foundation I offer my services for humanity and Mother Earth. With respect, love and passion and without judgment, I’d love to walk with you for a while, if you feel you need a helping hand or just someone who listens to your deepest revelations.  

Love Amanda